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DIY All Natural Perfume

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  • 1 100 ml Glass Perfume Bottle
  • 50 drops of essential oil I used a combo 20/15/10/5
  • vodka enough to fill up your jar


  • Add your essential oils to your perfume jar
  • Let the oils sit for 48 hours
  • After 48 hours add in your alcohol 
  • Let perfume bottle sit for a month before using


*I chose my perfume blend based off my favorite scents! Or look up your favorite perfume and see what the main essential oil is they add to it and try to re-create!
*Adjust the oils to your bottle size
*After you add the alcohol, it is best to give your perfume a month to really set and infuse. The oils will truly mix with the alcohol, and the alcohol itself will lose whatever scent it may have had on its own. It’s hard to wait, especially when you are excited about it, but so totally worth it!
*Homemade perfumes are typically your choice of oils (base note, middle note, and top note) in an alcohol base. When you smell a perfume, top notes are typically the first to reach your senses, followed by the middle notes, followed by the base. Some examples of base notes- Cedarwood, Sacred Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang. Middle notes-Geranium, Lavender. Top notes (my favorite) orange, lime, bergamot.